Design, redesign, construction, editing, revision, arrangement solutions stated below:

  • Web site, portal, mini web site
  • E-bulletin(e-mail newsletter), flash banner, page skin
  • Logo, business card, stationary with a letterhead.
  • Poster, brochure, newspaper advertisement
  • Kiosk, plasma presentations, application program interfaces, interactive CD
  • Etc…

Consulting, checking & reporting, suggesting solutions stated below(In the frame of content, design, concept, functionality, effiency, convenience of institutional identity/target community, targets areas and the other related criterias).

  • General: Corporate identity / Public Relations / Advertisement / Campaign - Promotion
  • New media: Design & Construction / Search Engine Optimization(SEO) / Domain - Hosting
  • Content*: Language - Expression - Orthography / Knowledge - Meaning - Connotation - Consistency - Compatibility / Literary aesthetic
    *: Turkish only.


  • Drupal Web Site Building (Complete solution: Installation, configuration, theme design etc.)
  • Drupal Installation and Configuration
  • Drupal Module Installation and Configuration
  • Drupal Theme Installation and Configuration
  • Custom/Unique Drupal Theme Design
  • Custom Views
  • Custom Content Types
  • Drupal Consulting and Support

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