I am a freelance interactive art director, communication & management consultant from Istanbul/Turkiye. Mediasaur.com is my portfolio web site that presents samples of works which includes areas stated in Solutions page.

You can see some of samples of my design works on Portfolio page and contact me via Contact page.


About Mediasaur.com:

Update(Jan 17th 2013): This is 4th version of mediasaur.com. In this version, while content and structure stayed generally same, design renewed with a new, unique theme. CSS3 techniques and specialities utilized and CSS sprites used for images.

This is 3th version of mediasaur.com (v.02 was a Flash site like most portfolio sites in that era. v.01 was a static web site which using iframe.).

Mediasaur.com v.03 is a Drupal site. It has 2 languages(English and Turkish), CSS based unique theme(with only 2 CSS files and 10 images) and 30+ contributed modules. It took 10 days to design and build this web site from scratch(about 5-6 work days in total).